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Troublemaker Gym: Gloves and Hand Wraps, Needs and Why


Do I need gloves or I already have gloves, are the most common phrases I hear when starting an equipment list. Here at Troublemaker Gym we like to ensure our members are using the right kind of gloves for the specific types of exercises required and also when to use or not use gloves.

If you've ever looked for striking gloves you probably know that there are many styles and sizes of gloves, and this can make the decision making a lil challenging. I often recommend a comfortable, flexible, and lightweight glove for hitting the heavy bag. Usually an 8oz, 10oz or the biggest being 12 ounces. Anything larger will hinder hand placement, combination mechanics and fluidity. So, to develop better and more precise skills chose a lighter glove for hitting the heavy bag. Generally speaking, the bigger 16oz or 18oz gloves are for sparring after your combinations and muscle memory have been solidly established. I also recommend a glove that wraps around the wrist. Giving the wrist added support is essential to protect the puncher from injury and makes for a way better striking experience. I go more into depth on the glove subject while working with athletes during our training session either personal or group. I find it to be good practice to advise on how to use equipment and care for it as well.

Hand Wraps

This is relatively basic. Although you may find a great deal of wrapping techniques, the main thing is to have long enough wraps. 180 inch hand wraps are the best size for the average adult. I personally don't ever recommend the stretchy kind of material. Simple cotton no frills hand wraps are in my opinion still the best. The stretchy wraps tend to tighten up much like an ace bandage. We don't want wraps to constrict the circulation of blood or to tighten to the point of being uncomfortable.

The hand wraps serve to protect the knuckles and wrist as your striking technique improves as it should while training at our boxing performance and conditioning gym. I hope you were able to get a little insight on workout gloves for boxing and the need for the proper equipment for the job.

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