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What to Wear to Boxing Class

Boxing is a great workout for people of all fitness levels. It can relieve stress, build muscle, and focus your mind. It’s essential to be prepared for this high-intensity fitness journey, however. Learn more about what to wear before your training day at a boxing gym in Denver.

Boxing Glovers

What to Wear to Your First Boxing Class

For boxing, you’ll need breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. Each item of clothing should be lightweight and movable so you’re ready to give it your all. From tops, bottoms, sports bras, and safety equipment, prepare yourself for an intense workout.


A Compression Shirt: Compression shirts are a great option when it comes to movement. They help keep your body cool when you’re working up a sweat during your workout. Most compression shirts also help maintain hygiene during and after a training session. Try pairing this tight-fitting, moisture-wicking fabric with a sports bra for added security.

A Sleeveless Tank: Boxing is all about movement. A sleeveless tank can help you move your arms freely while focusing on your form. For optimal movement, try a loose, cropped muscle tank.

A Long-Sleeved Option: Some boxers prefer long-sleeved tops, especially in the colder months. Be sure to wear a shirt with fitted sleeves to avoid them getting in the way of your punches. A stretchy, long-sleeved option with mesh cutouts can help provide breathability, as well.


Comfortable Leggings: Let’s get real - you’re going to sweat a lot. Wearing breathable fabric that you can move in is essential. Consider investing in a pair of quick-drying leggings. These are a great option when it comes to boxing workouts because they keep you primed for movement. Leggings that wick away sweat are sure to provide a comfortable workout with less sagging and adjusting.

Compression Shorts: If leggings aren’t your thing, you might prefer shorts. You can find the same breathable and flexible fabrics in compression shorts. They’ll allow you to move freely with their stretch and durability.


A High-Impact Sports Bra: For those with bigger chests, it’s important to wear a high-impact sports bra for your boxing workout. These types of sports bras fit a little tighter across the chest, providing more comfort during an intense training day. It also helps minimize bounce during the many quick movements in boxing.

Hand Wraps or Boxing Gloves: One of the most essential items to bring to your boxing class, hand wraps provide both comfort and protection. You can choose between professional or training hand wraps. Both are great options for classes or one-on-one training. Hand wraps and boxing gloves help protect your fingers and hands from impact. They cover between your fingers and thumb, while also supporting your wrist.

A Mouth Guard: When boxing with someone else, you can suffer serious mouth injuries without a mouth guard. No matter your experience level, a mouth guard helps prevent dental injuries while you’re in the ring. Look for one that is comfortable, breathable, and provides shock absorption.

For more information on boxing classes and training, contact Troublemaker Gym, a professional boxing gym in Denver.

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